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Why Load Shedding is helping you to win at life

Updated: Jan 31

How can we benefit from load shedding?

1. Perfecting time-management skills

EskomSePush notification hits your phone. You check the Load Shedding schedule for the day. You plan your day according to the availability of electricity or make sure your devices are fully charged for that dead hours. You make sure you have enough candles or those nifty lights that charge while the electricity is on.

2. Building on relationships

Less time on your cellphone and Wi-Fi means more time getting face-to-face connection with family and friends. A braai with friends during those scheduled Load Shedding hours over weekends makes for time well invested. Even sending along the schedule on Whatsapp groups or borrowing a candle or light from others helps to deepen the relationships we have.

3. Practicing self-love

When last did you prioritise reading a book or went on a hike or spent time outside? Or just took that cup of coffee outside and took the time to just be with your thoughts?

4. Cutting down screen time

If you are anything like me, you also fear that weekly notification from your Screen Time app on your phone. I am competitive of nature, so I do like to “win” and cut down each week. When my Wi-Fi is cut off, I try to put my phone down and focus on being present.

5. Fostering gratitude

Even if you cannot relate to any of the other four mentions, you do eventually appreciate a working stove or warm water or the light in your room once they switch the electricity back on.

Keep spreading the lighter (I had to) side this week. Wishing you all a downgrade on the Stages.

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